"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstien

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Big Potential

The Story
A rocket ship crash landed, It had travelled from far outer space,
and out popped an infestation of a new and unique race.
They were white, and naked, about 2 feet tall,
loud and reckless, not just one or a few, but all.
Knocking over trees and digging holes, they were out of control,
until suddenly a large giant stomped on one of their poor souls.
The giant stomped repeatedly again and again, 
Letting these tiny creatures know he was not their friend,
But as he was stomping, he was intrigued by one, 
not like the rest, this one appeared to be having fun.
He carefully took her into his hands and stuck her into his capsule like head,
While the rest of them scurried back to their ship and fled.
The remaining survivors looked out their ship, frantic and fray,
as their Queen helplessly watched them fly away.
Without her, their population could not grow
And soon they would be a population of zero.
But even though the giant had wiped out this species from outer space,
Could He and the Queen not start their own new race?


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