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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ordinarily Unique

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The Peach Reaction

Springs Out

The Peach Reaction:  Around the age of 13-14. I ate a peach and reacted severely to it.  I felt my throat close and I experienced hives all over my body.  It was later that I was tested by a doctor and discovered I was allergic to every fresh fruit you could think of (Except tropical fruit like bananas and watermelon).  And that peaches were ranked the highest, 4+, which is highly severe.

The Birch Tree: There's a connection between my fresh fruit and spring allergies with this tree.  Its this one type of tree that grows the fresh fruits that I'm allergic to.  I can't even touch the tree without reacting after.  

Spring Allergies:  I suffer in the spring/ summer time because thats when the trees, grass and pollen sprout.  My eyes would go red, my throat would constantly feel itchy and my nose would run like a fosset. 

Conclusion:   Birch Trees are the connection between my fresh fruit and one of the factors contributing to my spring allergies. Luckily, my allergies are improving every summer, I have to take less and less Reactin and Benedryl. And I would like to point out these are just a few of my many allergies...

Medium: Acrylic and permanent marker
-Drawing Class Final project-

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